Home from Honduras

My husband, girls and I have just returned from an 8-day mission trip with Snowbird to Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras. I am happy to report that the girls traveled extremely well and enjoyed their time in Honduras.

Here are a few highlights:
– One day Alani (3yr) pretended to be a kitten. Mid-day I took a marker, painted her nose black and drew whiskers on her face. The rest of the time some of the children called me “mama de gato” (mother of the cat). Also, Alani was a different animal each day of the trip.
Around 2:30 or 3pm every day, my girls would take a nap. During that time I was able to play the guitar and sing songs during daily Bible studies around the orphanage. Most of the children enjoy singing songs in English, so it was pretty easy to pick songs that they knew. I did try to learn a few in Spanish.
Suffering” has officially been translated into Spanish. I studied all week to properly translate and pronounce the words in Spanish so I could sing it on Wednesday night. I could not work in the word “girl” for “Girl, this world is not your home” because Spanish has soooooo many syllables, but it did turn out well.
Honduran girls carried Knox around a lot and named her Tinkerbell. With normal toddler panache, Knox and her friend Emma were in laughable mischief all week. I think she is going to miss getting so much attention.

Currently our luggage is as like a volcano mountain in the middle of our living room floor. With Pull Up’s, cowgirl boots, and overnight necessities oozing out of half zipped suitcases. I need to pick my feet up and let the disaster take over my home for a few more minutes. It is important to unpack my mind before I can share what God has been teaching me through this experience. So, more on our trip to Honduras coming soon.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported us finically as well as in prayer while we were gone. I do hope to share more next week.


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