10 Days of Advent for Toddlers

For our family, focusing on the coming of Jesus each night leading up to Christmas morning, has changed the entire tone of our Christmas season. Last year we were able to spend time with our small ones singing songs, reading scripture and interacting with our nativity scene. Yes, some nights were crazy with rowdy dance routines and emotional breakdowns, but there were two or three nights when the girls were really into it, asking questions and singing loudly. Doing this together as a family did require some planning and prep-work daily. But we ware able to focus on the coming of Christ in a unique way. It was wonderful so I wanted to share it with on my blog this year.

This is our mantle with our 10 days taped to it... You can be more creative:)

I put together 10 sets of verses, activities, songs and some prayer guides in this eBook. I am sure it will grow and mature as we put more time into it, but this is what we are using this year. You can download it free below.

There are many, many amazing and wonderful Advent guides online and in Christian book stores. Traditionally Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Around November 30th. But, with our schedule and three babies under 3, we shortened our advent to 10 days leading up to our Christmas morning. Maybe you think it is too late to start “Advent” this year, maybe you do not know what “Advent” is all about. Take a nap time to research the history of Advent if you have never taken time to do so. It may be neat to use this short one as a stepping stone for next year’s Christmas season.

I hope you try this 10 day advent with your family this year. I also pray that God uses it to stir your soul and focus your attention on His purposes for this season.

The redeemer has come to save us!
We have been wooed and faught for!
Let us rejoice and have our hearts fixed on Him.

Enjoy these next 10 days!

10 Days of Advent for Toddlers


4 thoughts on “10 Days of Advent for Toddlers

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  2. THANK YOU!! I have been thinking and searching on what to do for my children this Advent Season! God bless you for taking the time to do this with your family and to share with us 🙂

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