Why so quiet?

Now, on the go!

Why so quiet these days? This amazing little face should say it all… but for those of you who need a bit more of an explanation… my little man is on the move, all the time. Every second of his day is full of ADVENTURE!!! Every tiny thing on the floor is a discovery. Each room a jungle to explore. Our entire home his new dominion to conquer and he is full of energy to do it all! So between keeping our home safe and somewhat clean for his explorations, schooling the older two, fixing meals and trying to get into a new schedule this year, MavisDavis has taken somewhat of a backseat for January. Hopefully I will have some new tips and new thoughts organized to share soon.

More to come…

If you are in the same transition phase, be encouraged and drink in all you can! These days will not last long. Be encouraged today. Invest in the lives of your babies, and little ones. It is Christ who gives us strength to love through serving, cleaning, prepping, washing, folding…

This picture sums up my world right now!

I cherish, yes I said cherish, this photo. It sums up my stage in life right now. I embrace it with joy and it makes me laugh.


4 thoughts on “Why so quiet?

  1. That picture sums up my life too! I love the nalgene sippy cups. Coleman gets blue and Camden gets green and the baby gets a Dr Brown bottle too!

  2. Amy, I love you! Thank you for reminding me to soak my babies.. I tend to get way to caught up in our “life” that I intern miss out on our lives.. Hope you are all well!

  3. Be encouraged Heather! This is a NEW NORMAL! We just have to learn how to joyfully grow along with it… I like you:)
    let me know if you come visit this summer. I want to plan to spend time with you guys!

  4. We are still in this phase – 8 months later. However, my baby Jed just tackled Knox the middle one for her sippy Nalgene this week. It may be time to buy him his own! Have a good week!

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