A New Year

We sat side by side in a coffee shop this weekend reviewing my goals for 2012. We ate delicious crepes and drank lattes and mates. It is always refreshing to share moments like this with my husband. It was just the right pause for us to brainstorm about this new year. I talked. He listened. He talked. I listened. Ah, it was nice to have one another’s undivided attention to talk about serious stuff. (Thank you Shelli for keeping our sweet babies!)

So, before I share a few of my thoughts and creative Goals for this year, I should let you know that last year I put down my guitar and set aside my song-writing to focus on putting my thoughts together without a pattern or rhyming word. It was a HUGE challenge for me, but it has been amazing. I want to thank you so much for keeping up with my thoughts here. In October, on a Wednesday, there were over 600 views on my post about treating guys as brothers with all purity. Today, MavisDavis has over 1000 followers! I am still blown away.

This year I have decided to add a few more challenges to shape my creative skills for The Gospel. I will be focusing on art and drawing… Re-working the Prayer Chapel at Snowbird and song-writing along with maintaining MavisDavis.

In the spirit of a New Year, a new look to my site. I hope it’s upbeat and easy to navigate. Leave some comments and tell me your thoughts.

A New Year has begun. Consider how you can share The Gospel and make Jesus known among the nations this year!


3 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Hey Amy! I love the new makeover to the blog. It is appealing to the eyes! Thank you for sharing the insight that God has given you… The content of the blog is great! it has been encouraging for me with a new season on the horizon. I am thankful for you!

  2. Oh, I was just thinking about you recently! Thanks so much for the encouragement! I will never forget what you said when you spoke at SWO last summer about missing the beautiful mountains of North Carolina but to God people are more beautiful than the mountains. If you have that statement as a quote, send it to me… I want to write a song about that thought!
    Love and prayers,

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