Slinging A Sword

He growls.
He waves his arms about and lets out a charging yell. “Aaaaa…”

His chubby hand fumbles at the handle of a plastic sword. He struggles to hold it in his grip. Slinging his arm, sword now in hand, he looks back at me, over his shoulder, and smiles.

Instantly, I am flooded with emotion, and my responsibility becomes heavy.

This is a little man and I am his mother.

Reading 20 books about raising, nurturing or homeschooling boys will never be enough to answer the unique questions I have about this one little man.
I must stay plugged in to Jesus! He is the source from which my strength comes from. Following and growing in the knowledge of Christ, is the only way I will be able to pick up the sword and sling it around, myself.

As he waves the sword around in his little hand I pray, that God would make him bold and strong for The Gospel.


3 thoughts on “Slinging A Sword

  1. Love reading your posts! Lets me have a glimpse into your lives and so proud of you two for the way you are raising those precious three children!

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