Refocus: Read

During the years preceding pregnancy, I could spend hours of focused time studying God’s Word. Morning after morning, I would read my Bible with coffee and commentary in hand, eager to discover something new about God, then write it down. But, since my first pregnancy, 4 years ago, I have struggled with not only having the length of time to spend digging deep into God’s Word… but also the motivation to do so.

For many of us, pregnancy rolls in like a fog that hovers over every area of our lives. Food does not taste the same. Words get mixed up. Cell phones get put through the washer… there is a lack of focus. For the majority of us, eventually the fog DOES lift after the baby comes. And we are fully capable of focus.

Still, I have become hesitant to study the Bible. I would make excuses. Much like the excuses I made when trying to loose the baby weight. There is a point when I can reasonably say, “I just had a baby”. But, as my baby starts crawling, walking, running and getting older I can’t use “I just had a baby” as an excuse anymore. Too much time has passed. So it is when trying to get back into spending consistent time alone with God.

So, here’s a the first step to help you REFOCUS your Bible study:

#1: Get yourself motivated in the mornings
– Pray that God wakes you up earlier than your children, even if it is only 10 minutes early. HE is faithful to wake you.
– GET OUT OF BED when you wake. Be determined to sit up and put your feet on the floor as soon as you wake up.
– Use the “Auto” button on the coffee pot– it is easier for me to stand up and walk to the kitchen if I know hot coffee is waiting.

#2: Pray
– Thank God that he has given you a few minutes to read His letter to us. Ask him to help you stay alert and focus on what you are reading.

#3: Read
– Open your Bible and read! – If you are stuck for what to read, join a group of us who are studying through Ephesians. This week read chapter 1 every day.

To the mama with an unpredictable morning:
Absorb these distractions with JOY! You are the hands and feet serving your little ones and greeting them with love when they wake (or when they wake you)! Don’t get frustrated that you ‘missed’ time with Jesus – He is with you now! So put on some worship music and eat breakfast together. Ask your children what they are thankful for. If they can’t speak yet, tell them what you are thankful for!

Be encouraged!
I will share more in a few days.


5 thoughts on “Refocus: Read

  1. sooooooooooooo encouraging Amy!! I am definitely in that pregnancy mode lacking focus and energy ha ha : ) but I love your ideas to break out of that place!!! Especially the praying for help to get up early AND the hot coffee waiting for me : ) Thanks for sharing!! love you!!

  2. Amy thanks for that. God is faithful…I prayed for him to wake me a few minutes before Addyson this morning and he did! Not only did he do that but, she is an early riser (I am not) and he allowed me to wak up at a reasonable time and for her to sleep in late, praise God!

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