Refocus: Meditate

In this post I continue in the series Refocus Your Bible Study. If you are just joining this series, I encourage you to go back and start at the beginning of the series. Follow this link to the first post.

Ah, it is so refreshing to sit with the scriptures open in my lap and feel no pressure to comb over the historical background and Greek translation. While those tools serve to contextualize and add insight, this week, I enjoyed simply reading. I listened to the Holy Spirit as He whispered in my ear the words from Paul… “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us…” Ephesians 1: 7-8.

I read.

I listened.

Then, I sat and thought about it!

Meditate! This is our focus for the week. Meditating on God’s word is repeating it over and over in your head until it comes alive. Now, not all verses in the Bible need to be rolled over and over in your mind. Some things are just straight-forward and direct. “Do not lie. Do not steal.” But to meditate on something is to block everything else out of your mind and think about that one thing. It is like savoring a delicious meal. You take your time being careful to absorb as much as possible.  Meditating on God’s word means to take your time and think, process, comprehend, focus… not to speed read or wonder how you got to the end of the chapter. Think about what was said? How it was said? Why it was said, and so on…

This week, re-read what you read this past week and meditate on it. Reflect on key verses during your day. Talk about it with your husband/friends. Roll it over and over in your mind. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you and learn what God’s Word says.

For the unpredictable morning:
Flip your Bible open to 1 John 4:7-12. Highlight it really quick, or mark it so it is easy to read. Lay it on your kitchen table, island, or changing station. Read a few verses as you pass by today. Think about how God has loved you and is equipping you to show His love to your little ones, even though they are needy. Be encouraged! Try to read more later on when you have some down time.
A group of us have started going through Ephesians. When we met this week everyone shared portions of Ephesians 1 that had made an impact on them during the week. We were all so blown away, we decided to pool everyone’s thoughts and re-read it again this week. We made a list. I will share it with you so you may also keep an eye out for these key words and thoughts if you join us in reading Ephesians 1 this week.

Our List:
Key Words: inheritance, redemption, know/knowledge, choose, purposed, predestined, will, blessed, adoption, “in”
Make a List of what Paul says we have “in Christ”
Find contrasts (example- heaven/earth)


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