Valentine’s Day

Before you get bent out of shape over NOT having a Valentine this year…

Think about this story of Valentine.   There are lots of interesting arguments for the origins of Valentine’s day.  But most stories and opinions have one thing in common… a man named Valentine was martyred on February 14th 270 A.D. for refusing to renounce his faith in God.

A man was martyred, lost his life, for believing and following Christ.

Christ, who pursues us to salvation!

Christ, who came to rescue us, redeem us, heal us, change us and set us free from sin!

Christ, who sings over us!

Christ, the lover of our souls.

Christ, who is not afraid to prove to us his faithfulness.

Christ, who unites all in all.

Today is named after a man who died for the gospel, a long time ago…

Don’t let yourself get caught up in unmet expectations today!

God is love!

God. Your creator, is love…


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