Tip #34: Kids Recipe Books

My girls love to sit at the island in our kitchen and watch/help me make supper. To be honest, there isn’t a ton of help a 2 or 3 yr old can give when chopping veggies and standing at the stove, but I do try to get them involved if they want to help. This Christmas we were given a set of cookbooks with illustrated pictures of each dish and easy step-by-step instructions. Every few days I pass out the books and ask my girls what they would like to make together over the weekend. Kids recipe books are great and usually easy enough for ANYONE to follow. I exercise my patience and sense of adventure when cooking with my girls. It is good for me to just hang out with them as they participate on their level of skill and speed. Also, we laugh a lot.

The child size aprons and junior cookbooks were Christmas gifts from their Aunts. The aprons were found on Etsy.com and the
Junior Cookbook Collection by Waldman Books (2003) is available on Amazon.com.


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