Refocus: Pray

It is so important to close your morning time with God in prayer. Taking a few moments to pause after the study of his word can be so enriching. Usually by the time I am finished with reading, meditating and writing down my thoughts on his word, my mind is fully fixed on Christ. I am not worrying about breakfast, schedule, chores or school. I am thinking about what the God of the universe has just shown me in his word! Most likely, there will not be this amount of clarity for the rest of my day. I must channel it to give thanks with a pure heart, already fixed on his word. Make sure to save a bit of time to talk to God about what you have learned and how it can be applied before you close up your Bible.

In my morning time with God, this is the easiest to skip. By the time I read, meditate and begin writing down my thoughts, the kido’s begin waking up. When my kids start sliding down the steps in the morning… instead of feeling rushed and “put-off” if I am not finished, I am learning to fold them into this time of prayer. I am learning that this is a wonderful opportunity to pray together before our day begins. Making them a part of my closing prayer time is a wonderful way to finish my Bible study time as well as start our day together as a family.

For the unpredictable mornings:
Take a few moments over breakfast or while you are changing your children’s clothes and talk to God. Pray over them and thank God for them. It does not need to be long and drawn out, just sincere and real. It is so important for your kids to see their mother pray. You are modeling for them what a Biblical relationship with Christ should be like. Pray aloud and openly with your small children near. Then give them an opportunity to talk to God as well. You will be surprised what leading in prayer will do for a tiny heart.


One thought on “Refocus: Pray

  1. Thanks amy. This has REALLY challenged me this morning. This is a huge struggle of mine and I have become so particular and selfish with my prayer time. But why would I not desire to pour my heart out to the Lord in front of my kids?! I pray that Silas would see the power of prayer, and I know he won’t see that if he doesn’t see his parents praying. Thanks again.

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