Tip #35: New Little Girls Kitchen

Last year, my adventures in “Pintresting” led me to a photo of a DIY child size kitchen made from an old end/side table. I became inspired and posted my own version of my girls kitchen last year on MavisDavis along with the photo from Pinterest. The other week, out of the blue, I had a ton of traffic from Pinterest checking out that post. So, I thought I would show some pictures of their upgraded kitchen and share some DIY tips I learned in the process. Enjoy!

I waited a long time to find something like this. Luckily my friend Bethany had this old cabinet she could not use.

This was the first version. I found the perfect piece of wood to fit the top (we recently redid our floors and we had leftovers) Unfortunately I ruined it in the jigsaw process and had to start over with the top.

Missing a few elements still like a handle for the fridge and a spout for the sink, but at this point we have only invested about $15

I used the old shelf with the painted stove here, but covered it with leftover fabric from their curtains.

For the sink, I used a square cake pan from Wal-mart. Others I have seen use a bowl, but I ruined the first top trying to cut out a circle... Square worked better for me and it was easier to find in a small town like Andrews!

I love mod podge! So, naturally I glued the fabric to the shelf. Staple guns work too.

Added a bit of decorations and it turned out great!


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