DIY: Cover Big Pillows

One evening while trying to keep the troops entertained, I had the great idea of painting fabric with my toddlers. I taped a white table cloth to our island, then criss-crossed it with tape and let them paint. We spent the next 40 min painting all the white areas green with simple acrylic paint. When we were finished I pulled up all the tape and hung it up to dry. (I should have taken photos for sure!)

Before: These pillows were great, but they were kaki... I wanted big bright pillows for the girls.

This was the perfect 2 in one project. Entertainment for my girls while daddy was away, as well as an inexpensive way to make colorful fabric! I chose this fun color to coordinate with the colors in their little study. I was happy with how they turned out!

After: I used a table cloth that had a fringe edge... when sewing the pillows I tried to highlight the little bit of character allowed to an all white table cloth.


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