A Henna Party

In India, whenever there is a festivity or happy occasion, Indian women apply henna designs to their skin as decoration. Many missionaries around the world are beginning to use Bible stories as themes in their henna designs. Having Biblicaly based stories and themes drawn on your skin creates amazing opportunities to share The Gospel with women in a unique and effective way.

Saturday night, we attended a henna party. A young friend of mine organized a night to practice henna art as well as pray for our friends who live in India. It was wonderful!

I took Alani.

For her pattern/design, I asked her, “Alani, what is something special that you love about God?”
“That he made the grass and the trees and the people…” she said.
And that is what I drew…
I was not sure if she would sit still long enough for the henna to actually darken (the longer it stays on the skin the deeper the color)… but, she sat perfectly still as I drew on her arm.

The grass, trees, sun, apple and decorations...

Alani also wanted a person on the other arm, but we were running out of time... she talked this gal into putting a stick man on her foot.

Henna can last up to two weeks or so. I was a bit worried at first, with how long it would stay, but over the past few days Alani has had more opportunities to share her henna story with others in the community than I have had in a year. She is bold. Intentional about every detail in the drawing. She is proud that Jesus loves her and she wants to tell other people about it. It is awesome!

I must add, if you are in youth ministry, and are looking for some inspiration for a girls event. Plan a themed henna party! Make an indian dish, buy some henna kits online, print out some prayer cards and read about different missionaries serving in India. Spend time praying for them. If you do not know any, email me… I have friends whom you could pray for.

~Photos of me and Alani taken by Bethany Clark


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