Tip #36: The Treasure Box

Being a stay at home mom, obviously I spend a lot of time with my children. So, we have to get creative to keep up the momentum throughout the day.

A friend of mine told me about her treasure box she used with her kids. I was not sure how my own kids would respond, but the first time they lifted the top of the treasure box and discovered the wonderful treasures inside, they were hooked!

It’s simple really. I pass out stars for various accomplishments or acts of obedience. After they have collected 8, then they get to choose one treat from the treasure box.

I vary the prizes each month. I keep our treasure box in view, but out of reach, until enough stars have been accumulated to pull it out and let the girls grab a prize from the stash. It is filled with candy, $1 toys, pencils and stickers. This summer I will add special cards for specific frozen treats and other fun coupons like “Go to the playground for an hour”. The treasure box is a huge success in our home. My girls love it!


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