PC Renovations: What To Do With The Old?

Remodeling the Prayer Chapel (I will use PC from now on) is a tricky process each year. I map out changes, enlist volunteers, collect or track down weird/unique items like palm branches or a golden calf. Every year I am blown away by how God works out these details and gives us fresh vision for the stations in the PC.

Each year kids pour out their hearts in journals, confess sins on tiny scraps of paper and write out detailed prayers for people around the world. When it came to change things around after the first year, I couldn’t bring myself to just pitch these tiny offerings and confessions into a black garbage bag and throw it away. I knew I couldn’t store it forever either. So, I decided to take a few of these left over offerings and make art for other areas in the PC.

This station in 2005 focused on praying for different countries. Students were encouraged to write out a prayer on an index card if they felt led.

The next year we pasted them on a board, tinted it blue and used them as the “water” for our world map.

Collage of Creative Expression Artwork from 2006.

One project I am working on right now is how to incorporate the cards from the Paid In Full station from this year.
Here are some pics from the Paid In Full station.

I have a pretty extensive plan and I hope it comes together… I will post pictures as we work on it this week.


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