Full of Good Things

Yesterday, while I was on the phone talking to the SWO T-shirt rep about T-shirts for this summer, my middle one started throwing a fit (something about spilling her cereal and needing help taking her night gown off – she’s 2). Many of you have experienced these seemingly life-threatening dilemmas which, by the way, always happen while on the phone. I practice holding the phone shoulder to cheek, pull at the night gown and try my best to maintain a professional mama voice while talking to the salesman over the phone. As whines escalate into a temper tantrum, Jed wakes from his long night slumber. Suddenly, my quiet home is loud with babies in disarray. Finally it is clear to the sales rep that I am needed other places. He politely inserts an apology for contacting me at home during my non-scheduled hours, then tries to make a joke about me having my hands full, a comment that always rubs me like sandpaper.

I tried to get back to my day, un-chafed. But, I thought back on his comments a few times yesterday. I thought about all the things I could have done that better… both with the Knox thing and the conversation with the sales rep.
But, thankfully, I do not have to re-live it.

This morning I read this article by Rachel Jankovic (click here to read it, it is amazing). Ironically she addresses the same comment I was hung up on yesterday. It encouraged me so much. If you have a second or two, follow the link to read it.

And just so you know, I do have my hands full…


Jed... already scrounging for a snack in the kitchen.

Knox just fell in our little creek, face first.

Alani playing dress up.


3 thoughts on “Full of Good Things

  1. Your post made me smile. I thought about how I so often want my hands filled with other things too, but fail to see how much my heavenly Father already lavished me with. Just this morning He was convicting me about this very idea. Thank you. You encourage me to look forward to the days when I am a mom, but also remind me to be thankful for today. -Julie

  2. I needed this today….right now. I was just having a conversation in the office about how the Lord is trying to change my life with motherhood, and I keep fighting it…so He gives me more kids. I want so badly to be the mother He has called me to be. But most of all, be the woman He has called me to be. If I can’t cling to the cross in EVERYTHING, how will I be the mother He has called me to be! My children will see the Gospel in my life…ONLY if I choose to live it out. Thanks Amy…thanks for responding to the work the Lord is doing in your life, and encouraging and challenging us all with it.

  3. funny to be on “vacation” living this out. We have had so many discipline opportunities in about 1 1/2 days- my patience is thin, than I’m good and shawn’s is thin. In small spaces you realize all the negative things in your own personality played out in your kids (shawn and I made a pact earlier today to quit pointing this stuff out because my feelings were getting hurt 😉 Ha! So we have our hands full of “good things” and I want to be thankful for this pace of life… because I know it is so fleeting.

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