PC Renovations: A Group Effort

An artist does not plan when inspiration will hit. So, in the early days, a flexible schedule was perfect. I had unlimited time to spend in the PC. When an idea came to me, I dropped what ever I was doing at the time and focused on my idea. I would spend hours up to my elbows in paint, glue, craft supplies and stuff. But, when I got married, I had to learn how to balance marriage with SWO groups and my job. I learned how to work smarter, not harder.

For the past few years I have been very, very pregnant during the remodeling phase and I have had to learn how to lean on volunteers and other staff members to help make my sketches, research and ideas reality.

2008-Alani was born 3 days after this picture was taken:)

Spencer limited my use of power tools the next year when I was pregnant with Knox.

This year, I am not pregnant. But, having 3 babies, 3 and under limits my daily participation in the remodeling process. God always provides people to help us remodel in the spring. This year, I am leaning on Adam and Smalls, SWO staffers, who are heading up the construction, lighting and various artistic aspects of the PC… specifically the interactive walkway and the SWO Missionary station. When they are not working with groups they are in the PC. It is so wonderful to have skilled artists and craftsmen bringing drawings and sketches to life!

Smalls building a shelf for Mega TV's

Adam making a post for the walk through

Day 1 - 2012 Remodel begins

Smalls made this

We are really excited about our new interactive walkway display and looking forward to seeing how God will use it in the lives of students who visit SWO this summer. This week I spent one morning in the PC “modge podging” with my friend Hannah. I promised a few photos of how I reused the Paid In Full cards from this past summer. This is what it looks like now…

2011 Paid in Full cards being used in this year's walk through.

This week will be super crazy, I hope to take some great photos to share with you.

FYI: You have to come see this in person and experience this place! I sat for 2 hours brushing glue over cards that read: lust – PAID IN FULL, selfishness-PAID IN FULL, anger-PAID IN FULL… listening to All Sons and Daughters roaring praises from Adams boom box. I became overwhelmed with thanksgiving more than once. Jesus blood has covered over ALL my sin and debt! Ah, I wish everyone could have moments like this… so, come…


2 thoughts on “PC Renovations: A Group Effort

  1. this is truly awesome. I am blessed by Christ’s work in your life, and by our ministry at SWO. To God be the glory.

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