The Flood Weekend

I am not sure what perspective to write about in posting these photos today.
I could share a not so funny story of Knox stuffing the upstairs toilet with toilet paper then Alani flushing it to clean up Knox’s mess which caused our whole upstairs bathroom to flood and drain through the ceiling and walls below.

Water from the upstairs bathroom coming through the light fixture in our closet ceiling.

I could write how thankful we were to have a few summer staffers and our house guest present, 3 hours later, when we discovered the flooding. I might mention how resourceful, helpful and encouraging they were through the initial clean up.

It crossed my mind to write a post about my husband and how thankful I am to be married to a man that knows how to respond in situations like these.

Drilling holes where the water is dripping.

I tried to narrate funny and interesting details of the damage, but got tired of describing what is evidently just a big a mess (as you can see from the photos).

Huge fans all over the house!

Dry-wall cut away so the walls can dry out…

Closet ceiling removed

Just another photo of the mess… notice my home made pillow:)

Our house is a wreck! It should be dry enough to see the real damage later this week.

P.S. Summer camp begins today!


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