A Summer Update

Summer camp has been a bit more intense than I had anticipated. We have been busy each week with crazy stuff, weird stuff and fun stuff! I am working on a few new posts coming in July (fingers crossed). Until then we are finishing the bathrooms/closet that flooded, hosting families who visit SWO, playing music and keeping up with the house work – best as I can:) So, enjoy these photos of the past few weeks. And pray for our family as we serve at SWO this summer!

New floors in upstairs bathroom!

Looks great with the rug and shower curtain!

Smiles on Alani’s birthday! Lots of cookie cake!

Jed wore his first pair of shoes since the winter. He giggled and ran all over the house in them.


Father’s Day spread on the counter. A map, candy, hardware for the toilet he was working on, and such.

So, pink and green. Not a plan, but we all three laughed when we realized what had happened. (Green sippy cup, bowl and tinker bell night gown and the same in pink plus bunny)


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