Summer Fun

We are in the full swing of the summer now. I was hoping the first few weeks would help set the pace for the summer, but it looks like, no two weeks will be the same back to back. So, it’s back to the drawing board to find a creative, flexible schedule that will enable us to have tons of fun! I want our family to thrive, not just survive this summer.
My girls have a great imagination and enjoy running around in the yard, playing in their room and around the house. Free time seems to be fairly harmless… but as I have learned from the toilet flooding incident, too much “free time” is not great for toddlers. Without a plan to entertain and engage with my kids, walls become canvases and sippy cups become indoor sprinklers before I can say NETFLIX!! But, what can we do at the house all day?

One problem I run into is that all the projects and crafty things I have sketched out for the summer so far, have been more prep time for me than actual craft time for them and it does not fill up enough time to teach or entertain really. So it is back to the drawing board… I hope to share more about these discoveries soon. Until then here are some links to fun things to do with your toddlers in the summer.

P.S. For you single gals out there… Tiny tots pool parties are the best and the more hands on deck, the more mom can relax when playing around the kiddy pool! So, grab some water balloons, a pack of Capri Sun’s and invite yourself over to help entertain the little ones outdoors this summer!

Fun sites for Creative fun with little ones:


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