Pressure and Provision

I sing songs about God’s faithfulness and how much he loves us all the time. But I am rarely aware of it while experiencing a tight squeeze of sanctification. Most times I can look back on my life and situations and see how God has guided and ordered my steps. It is easy to praise him for how he HAS worked in my life. But these days I praise God that he is allowing me to notice His faithfulness and provision coming towards me! I really am watching God lavish his grace on my family and friends families as of late.

A youth group from South Side Baptist from Warner Robins, GA spent a whole week serving our full-time staff by working on our homes. They pressure washed our home and porch with plans to seal it… but afternoon thunder storms made it impossible to finish the job so this week a new group of students from Hillside UMC in Woodstock, GA stained and sealed the porch.



Enjoy the pictures! Praise God for his provision and attention to tiny details like pressure washing our home…


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