Hospitality: A Biblical Challenge

A few years ago I was training to lead the backpack section for OLD School. My husband (who heads up the training) was sharing with me how important it is to be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually when leading groups of people in the wilderness. He said something along the lines of how you don’t have time to notice the needs of others if you are focused on yourself. If you are huffing and puffing while you hike up a mountain annoyed and aggravated at your own physical abilities, you are not noticing the people you are leading.
This came to mind when I was reading over these passages.

Contribute to the needs of the saints and SEEK to show hospitality. – Romans 12:9

When we are genuinely submitted to Christ, we are eager to serve the church. We become AWARE! I notice the struggles of others around me. I am more patient in conversations with people needing attention. I look for ways to encourage the saints. I am eager to make supper for someone or babysit even.
Balancing marriage, motherhood and homemaking with our SWO schedule leaves me little time to naturally practice hospitality. I must be intentional with my efforts. Paul says we must SEEK out ways to show hospitality.
The Lord is love! He has compassion for people…. people who are hurting and needy, as well as the strong and healthy. When we are growing steadily in the Lord, leaving our own junk at the foot of the cross and thinking about others more than ourselves, then we will begin noticing the needs of others.
So think about it. Is there a mom you know who needs a mid-day break? Host a play date with her kids and give her a few hours to meditate on Jesus at the coffee shop! Do you know a college kid who may need a little help with bills or a place to do laundry? Hospitality can be shown in many different ways, but the point is that we seek out ways to show people the love of Christ!


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