5 Days of Pinterest: Day 1

5 Days of Pinterest defined:
Pin 5 (or so) DIY projects
Do one a day for 5 days
Blog about it

This week I am showing off our 5 Days of DIY projects my niece and I attempted while she stayed with us last week. Some DIY projects were glorious, others… not so much! But we had a blast and invented the 5 Days of Pinterest to keep us intentional about spending time with each other during her stay. It was a blast! Enjoy the posts!


Hello Kitty is Knoxy’s favorite right now:) I tried to do this to her tiny fingernails…

Not quite the same, but she loved it.
(Yes, I did write her numbers on her fingers… different topic).

We also tried to follow the directions to this tutorial… it does say not to use a plastic cup! We used a paper cup… it did not turn out the same.

What did we learn?
I am sure there is a scientific reason for why our efforts didn’t work, but we think we had cheap fingernail polish, so the colors would not separate in the water. It just dissolved. Also, sharpies are fun to draw with over fingernail polish. Finish off with a topcoat.


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