Involving the Little Man

We are in full swing of our preschool this year.  Most mornings my girls and I go through our routine; pledge of allegiance, calendar, group time, reading, then color or work on a craft.  We all enjoy it and they are learning a lot! There is only one BIG problem with our morning routine and he stands about two feet tall, weighing in at nearly 30lbs!

Now that we have a nice rhythm of the day, it seems that it is also time to drop my little man’s morning nap! So, it’s back to the drawing board as I learn how to fold one more into the preschool mix.

One idea I found online included a daily interactive, creativity box filled with different kids of stacking bowls, uncooked pasta, goldfish, fuzzy craft balls, plastic tins and more. I tried it out  yesterday and he kept himself entertained long enough for me to make a pie!  I thought it may be helpful for some of you mamas to check out these great links I found.  I had to make a new Pinterest board!  Feel free to leave other great links in the comment area below. – This is a long list of fun activities for toddlers – This is the best collection of fun things to do with your little fellas that I have found!

Little Family Fun: Crafts and Activities tab – Neat and refreshing crafts for little dudes!

Leave a comment if you would like the recipe for the “Cherry Pie”…


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