Camping Adventure – {part 1}

This week was our annual SWO Staff Camp Out at Cades Cove in Tennessee. I admit, taking 34 kids (13 years old and under) and nearly 45 adults on a huge group camping trip does sound a bit chaotic, but also normal for our crew. It’s actually one of our favorite weeks of the year! We all pitch tents, hammocks, tarps or whatever. We hang out by the fire pit, ride bikes or drive the loop around Cade’s Cove and look for wildlife and/or check out buildings from the old settlement.

Only 8ft from our Honda… still in velvet!

Bear running across a field. We were far away in the car!

I want to give a special shout out to my friend Amanda, and her husband, who do an amazing job planning, buying, packing and preparing the food. They took care of all the meals which allowed me to relax with my kids and enjoy the trip. Our meals were always hot and delicious. It’s not every day I get to eat amazing fish/chicken tacos and unlimited snacks by the campfire with my friends. It was a blast.

I tried to jot down a few tips and tricks we used to thrive this past week. There were 13 or 14 moms on our trip and we all have different ways of doing things. I took photos and made notes to share! I hope you enjoy these posts and photos from our camping trip. Feel free to leave some tips of your own in the comment area below.

Candace: I noticed a balloon blown up in her tent her boys were tossing around.
Amy: The living room – area of our tent where they kept their toys. During clean up before bed time, I would tell them to play in the living room while I made up the beds. (They are all still under 2ft and less than 34lbs each… this will not work for everyone)
Steph: Sound machine!
Bethany: BIKES! Her boys were on their bikes majority of the time
Amanda: Baby wipe baths

Rachel: Pillow Pets! Can’t leave home with out them

Rocky: Parker’s black car

Danni: Bear’s dump truck

Sarah: Coloring books and crayons

Older Kids: Games! They played games a lot!

Jenny: Kids chairs


One thought on “Camping Adventure – {part 1}

  1. Just incase of those flash flood nights (like our 1st) a child’s potty training potty. Sure beats trying to drag them out throught the down pour to get to the bathroom area : )

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