Camping Adventure – {part 2}

The Check List
I am not usually the organized, list gal! Although I do have an on going list of things to do in my head, I don’t keep them written down in one place. My lists are scattered about my house, written on scraps of paper or on my computer. Sometimes I send reminder texts to myself on my phone. So, for this camping adventure, I knew I had to be neatly, organized. I was determined to keep it all in one place – my clip board. Then, I challenged myself to stick to the list!

I made three pages:

  1. To Do List: This is the major list. On this list I have shopping, pack the car, pack a lunch for the trip, switch out laundry, grab mail on the way out, run a few errands before leaving town, get gas and stuff like this. Normally this is our combined to do list since each of us (my husband and I) take different sections of the packing list and last minute chores around the house.
  2. Grocery/Shopping list: Since Amanda was cooking all the amazing meals, I just bought some light snacks I knew we liked. I packed a cooler with milk, juice, box drinks for the kid-o’s, and a pack of coke zeros. Throw in a few avocados (I am in a phase right now) and we were set on shopping.
  3. Packing list: I do have a bit of experience in this area so I was sure to set my packing list into categories. This way my husband and I could tag team this list. My categories were: gear, clothes, entertainment, food, extras and French press.
    Gear – tent, rainfly, tarp, rope, fuel, anything used TO camp I put in this category. Also, you want to check your gear before your trip to make sure everything is in working condition.
    Clothes – self explanatory but I made sure everyone had 2 outfits for each day incase one got soaked. I also packed pj’s for each night (which normally I don’t do). I included Jed’s diapers in this category.
    Entertainment – DVD’s for the car, coloring books, play-dough, Bible study stuff. I also gave my kids each a 1 gallon-zip lock and told them they could fill it with small toys they wanted to bring. They did pretty good with keeping up with them. Most of the time they stayed in the tent. Also, everyone brought their bikes to ride around the campsite. Camp had a trailer full of bikes, so we did not have to pack them in the car – nice!
    Food – I covered already, we did not have to worry about it on this trip. But, I do suggest making a simple menu and bringing marshmallows for the fire!
    Extras – whatever you need that can not be categorized. Sound machine, fan, ipod, French press or whatever. I do believe I had FRENCH PRESS in it’s own category with the coffee just because it was super important to me!

That is the planning side of our camping trip. Once we have our list set up, we start working hard and marking things off the list!  If we need to do something not on the current to do list, we add it. But, we try to stay on track.  Please leave a a suggestion from your packing processes in the comment box. Anything that can make camping with little ones easier, is welcome!


6 thoughts on “Camping Adventure – {part 2}

  1. we haven’t been camping with little ones (yet) but something i learned the hard way is to think through the steps of cooking each meal… for example, pancakes are really fun to make if you get the “add water and shake” kind from the grocery, and have a little skillet and a pocket rocket. however, they’re impossible to make without a spatula to flip them with! so now, i think through every meal we’ll make, and make sure to bring all the necessary tools and extras to get the job done!

  2. Lists are super beneficial…but I’ve always been about lists. One thing that helps me when packing is to know where/how I’m going to pack everything. Example: I knew that I wanted to fit all of my clothes and Silas’ clothes into one bag, so when it was overflowing, I knew I had too much stuff. Then I was also able to pack things inside of things to make it more efficient and have room in the car. Even with having an SUV, you have limited space.

  3. We make random trips throughout the year to different types of locations, like overnight trips to Chattanooga or week-long trips to the beach. Over the course of a couple of years, I put together a comprehensive list that includes everything we could ever need on a trip, by category. It also includes those last minute, out-the-door things I like to do. It’s about three pages long, single-spaced. I keep a fresh copy in a suitcase. Now, I just check the things off as I pack them, or mark them out if I decide not to. It’s made packing much easier, especially for those last minute trips, and I don’t have to reinvent the list anymore.

  4. I have a camping list–categorized like yours–and I keep it in the notes section on my iPod. That way, when I was on the trip and realized I would have preferred to have fewer jeans and more sweatpants I just adjusted it right away. OR…*note to self: time to buy an unbreakable french press! Very handy to have a “reusable” list!

  5. i remember as my brother and i grew up that we each had a pre-printed check list of things to pack when we went camping… if it was a weekend we packed 4 outfits (always have a back up) swimsuits etc and there was a list for each event…she did this for trips to the grandparents once we moved back to the south too.

    i guess it started when we were about 4-5 mom would tell us to go pick out 5 shirts 5 pants etc and then we got to carry it all to the living room to pack together so dad could show us how to save space…
    i doubt your kids are quite up for it yet but it might be something to keep in mind as they get older….

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