DIY: Preschool – Links and Ideas

Great moments!

Digging in the flower pots outside!

We spend most of our morning in some sort of organized “school” time. Reading books, counting, sorting, coloring, cutting, glueing, painting, and the like. It is great for us to have a plan. It puts our mornings on a schedule (since 2 out of 3 sleep most the afternoons). One thing I keep reviewing is what to do with my little one while I spend focused time on the other two. I have recently found these articles, tips and bits of encouragement that have inspired me to “kick it up a notch”. If you are trying to figure out how to homeschool the preschool years, I hope you find them encouraging and useful as well!

Enjoy the Links!
What to do with a two-year-old while homeschooling

More ideas for what to do with your two-year-old

Confessions Of A Homeschool Mom: Everything about Tiny Tots

Fun Basket Ideas

Keeping him included!


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