Creative Playground

After spending so much time outdoors this summer and into the early fall, my kids had squeezed a lot of discovery and adventure out of our small yard and outdoor play zone. For a while, to be honest, we were just stuck in a rut when it came to playing outdoors. Because my children are so small, it’s important to help foster imagination and creative play. So, I was so excited when I found examples of play gardens and creative playgrounds on Pinterest. This discovery has inspired me to create our own unique playground.

I have converted my garden boxes into a creative playground by combining things from around our yard with a few bargain finds from Lowes. I will continue adding and changing different aspects to our playground to keep my girls (and Jed) discovering new things in our back yard.

Here are the before and after photos. Enjoy!

This was my garden at it’s peak! I believe it yielded 30 green beans, 3 tomatoes and a few zucchinis. So, I had no hesitation when it came to converting these boxes into actually something useful for our family:) It was the perfect spot for our playground!

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