10 Days of Advent for Pre-schoolers


It’s important that my children learn about the real meaning of Christmas! During this season of life, we use the 10 days leading up to Christmas morning to focus on the coming of Jesus. We light candles, read from the Bible (or their Children’s Story Book Bible), sing songs and pray together as a family. In the 10 minutes it takes us to go through the routine, my kids are growing in a solid knowledge of what Christmas is really about – the birth of our Savior! I have written a 10 day Advent for our family which I am making available to you for free!

Download This Free 10 Days of Preschool Advent right here!

If you have considered adding Advent to your nightly routine, but have not figured out how to make it happen yet, this is the perfect download for you! 10 Days of Advent for Pre-schoolers is designed with little ones in mind. It includes directions for making cards, instructions for your nightly devotional and an activity to do with your family every day!

I hope your Christmas season is enriching and refreshing this year!
Happy Christmas!

P.S. I also have a 10 Day Advent for Toddlers available for download as well:) Click on this link to visit a different post to download it.


3 thoughts on “10 Days of Advent for Pre-schoolers

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I browsed your blog and realized SWO was Snowbird. My husband and I took students there during it’s very first summer. Amazing place!

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