A Cracker Barrel Christmas


Every Christmas Eve my sister and I slept in the same bed. We did this until she got married. On Christmas morning when we were young, we would wake up together and sneak into the living room to see what “Santa” had brought. Now that we are older, married and have kids of our own, we have had to let go of our familiar traditions and make new ones. Combining our families together on Christmas morning is not realistic anymore. But we did want to spend time with my sister and her family this year, so we devised a plan!
Our plan was to meet in Chattanooga at the Children’s Discovery Museum, hang out for the day and exchange gifts. My sister scored some free tickets. I picked out a great lunch spot. It was fool proof!

My family of 5 woke up early and got dressed. We ate cheerios from zip lock bags in the car and watched a movie on the drive. We were committed to the plan of the day. Around 11am my sister called and said they were nearly 50 miles outside Chattanooga and their car was broken down. They were stopped at a Cracker Barrel making arrangements for the car and such. She was calling to tell us that they were not going to be able to meet us at the children’s museum after all.

She sounded so bummed on the phone; so we decided to drive and meet them for lunch and mobilize our Christmas get together! So, we turned around and drove up the interstate for a bit. We ate a great lunch at Cracker Barrel and exchanged gifts in the trunk of my sister’s car in the parking lot. We tried to do something new this year. It did not turn out the way we had planned, but it was perfect for us.

I only have a few Christmas traditions lingering in my mind from childhood. They are comforting and enjoyable. But, I am learning to cherish those memories as I make new ones. Our kids loved opening gifts in the back of the car. They thought it was so fun! We may have invented a new tradition this year (minus the car breaking down)!





Today I am liking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky to join in her Tuesday Unwrapped Series.


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