How To Get Organized In The New Year?


Well, I am still trying to figure that one out myself! I have logged hours in already this year, setting up a meal plan and cleaning lists. But, with our crazy schedule, the first week for my new plan just didn’t work. Granted, we did eat and I did clean, but not in sticking with my new schedule. It was frustrating! So, I made a new year resolution; instead of getting frustrated that my plan is not executed perfectly – I want to stay flexible and just enjoy this season of life!

Serving at SWO is the opposite of routine. Plus, I don’t really do the same things twice. Downloading a 7 day meal plan and trying to stick to it just stresses me out, believe it or not. But, having ingredients for 5 to 6 meals stocked and ready to put together helps me out. Sometimes I make things harder on myself by trying to work the plan instead of making a plan work for me. I don’t want to be a stressed out wife, mother, friend…

So, be encouraged. If you have already blotched your new year’s resolution to be more organized, just get back to the drawing board!
Figure out a plan that’s gonna work for you, not against you.



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