Tip #39: Get Well Soon

Everyone dreads the stomach bug, the flu and the occasional unidentified sickness that barges in your home and takes over! The week before Christmas, my husband was in bed for 5 days straight with “a virus”. One by one the rest of us came down with it too. I thought it might be nice to share a few tips to make your family a bit more comfortable during sick days. Depending on the sickness, the longevity of the sickness and the overall moral of the Davis Nation, I pretty much stick to these basic things:

1. Attitude: Sick or well, your attitude, as the mama, will always help set the mood for your family, even when everyone is sick (including you!). We teach our children how to behave by how we live our lives. So, if I am a big baby when I get sick, I am teaching my kids that it’s ok to be a big baby when they get sick. So, keep that in mind the next time you get the sniffles.

2. Deal With It: I try not to freak my kids out with the fact that they are sick. Quarantine is important for some types of sickness, but most times when symptoms of sickness begin to show in one child, the others have already been exposed. So, google that if you like, but I try not to make a ton more work for myself by trying to keep one away from the other. I just prepare for a storm, hopefully it passes without infecting everyone.

3. Get Your Stuff Together: I make a temperature/dosage sheet and keep track of who had what temperature when, and what I gave them with the time. Not keeping track could get dangerous. So try putting together a little tray of children/infant Tylenol and Motrin, measurement tool, a temperature/dosage sheet, pen and the thermometer. Keep it in one spot so you are not running all over the house trying to find the thermometer every hour.

4. Keep them hydrated: Pushing fluids will help in most any sickness. We give some Pedialyte and the Pedialyte popcycles. Watery apple juice and some water. It’s important that they stay hydrated so I just keep the sippy cups full on the hour.


4. Movies/Games: Depending on the child and how sick they are I adjust the entertainment props during this time. But, I try to remember what I feel like when I am sick. One of my kids enjoyed coloring and playing on the couch. My oldest rests best while she watches a movie. How about the toddler, you ask? Well, when he had a fever he was snuggled up to me. As soon as it broke, he was on the move again. I had to be intentional with keeping him occupied so the other two could rest without getting body slammed on the couch.

5. Trips to the toilet: Finding a system that works with the stomach bug can be frustrating when you have a little baby who keeps throwing up. They cannot walk, can’t make it to the toilet on time or whatever. One trick I use is to take about 5 unfolded towels, stacked up on top of each other and lay my kids head on it like their pillow. That way if while throwing up their head rolls one way or the other, it is on a towel and not the fitted sheet, carpet or blanket. I also add a brightly colored bucket with a handle beside their bed/couch wherever they are laying. I try to keep them still (using the bucket) instead of trying to race them to the toilet in mid spew. Contained messes can be less messy and easier to clean up when babies are sick.

* Just to be clear,I am just a mom, blogging about how we deal with kids being sick in our house. Always contact your pediatricians office for actual medical advice, dosages for meds and the like.

I hope these little tips help when your tiny tots are struck with the sickness bug.


One thought on “Tip #39: Get Well Soon

  1. We went through the crud here for almost 3 weeks. 4 kids sick and a hubby. I should have made a meds list and kept track better! Thanks for the reminder

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