Motherhood and The Great Commission: Series Introduction

On our days off this summer we are often on the GO! One weekend we got as far as a man-made beach in Hiawassee, GA. We splashed and swam in the cool lake water and enjoyed the hot summer day to the full. Walking to the dressing rooms to change out of our sandy, wet clothes, out of nowhere my oldest says, “If these people do not know about Jesus, we need to tell them about Jesus…”
“What exactly should we tell them, Alani?” I ask as we continue walking to the dressing rooms.
I hear her sigh as her little hands smack the sides of her wet legs, “The Gospel, mama.”
(she’s 4…)

Wow! I calmly smiled at her as we kept walking to the dressing room and quietly thanked God for opening her little ears to notice words like GOSPEL!
The Good News: Jesus has come to rescue us!


Motherhood is more than just the best job in the world; it is the biggest responsibility for a woman. When I was single and newly married with no children, I could not fully understand the depth of a sentence like that and honestly, I might even have even been offended by reading it. But, it is the truth. I am the mother of 3 small children who watch my life closely. This is not the same thing as meeting with my “small group” weekly or even having 3 other roommates who sometimes annoy each other with strange living preferences. I am responsible to dwell among these little people. I eat cereal, play ball, doodle with sidewalk chalk and chat over flavor-ice. We discuss the mysteries of the universe and discover amazing things about creation. I answer questions, laugh at jokes and listen to songs and plays. We chase and tickle, cry and forgive all day long. And somehow, in the middle of all the tiny-tot terrific-ness… Alani grasped beautiful, bold words… “The Gospel.”


There is a difference between being a good mom and being a Christ-focused mom. Biblical motherhood demands that we live and teach our children The Gospel (The Good News). It demands we keep Christ central in our home, our language, our coming and going. Jesus has to be on display at all times!

For months, I have been heavy in heart to write out my thoughts on motherhood and The Great Commission. I hope you are encouraged by these thoughts and pray they inspire you to saturate your children (and your future children) in The Gospel.


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