All Of The Good News

Last year we spent a lot of time praying and preparing for how we would celebrate Easter as a family. The first time our oldest daughter heard that Jesus died, it was a big shocker. She became really upset. So we wanted to pray through how we would again tell her the whole story, being sensitive to answer questions she may have. We decided to share stories about Jesus every day for the week leading up to the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. My husband and I put a ton of prayer and planning into which stories we should share with our 2 and 3 year olds. We tried to think through the best way to prepare them to hear not only that Jesus died, but also that people killed Jesus.
I am glad to report that my oldest was excited to hear that he rose up from “the death” (her words), and that we celebrate Jesus coming back to life on Easter Sunday.

For the foundation of our faith, and to the praise and glory of His great name, he dominated death and rose up from the dead. This is a miracle. It is cause for more than just one day of celebration and remembrance! It is too big to keep to ourselves!

Then, Monday came. And well, honestly, it was back to business as usual.


A few days later on I realized, “I did not extend the full story of The Gospel to my kids.” What? Well, looking back, it came out more like, “Jesus came back to life on the 3rd day and now we must tell everyone about Jesus – the end”. I am sure I left out the amazing -ness of it all. …How Jesus appeared to tons of followers. How he told his disciples to tell everyone in the world about what they have seen and how they were to go make more disciples. Jesus was taken up into the sky and said he will return one day – and I breezed through it like I was recalling a great deal from a good sale at Kohl’s! I had spent so much time preparing to tell my kids the “bad news” that I didn’t even process how to tell them about the “Good News,” and how God wants us to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth!

Jesus’ death was not just for me and my family. Ouch. Really? Jesus’ death was not just for me. Often I think, “I’m safe” so… I’ll just clap for everyone else as they round the bases. …am I truly concerned for the lost?

In confession, I am very embarrassed to even write this out, because I know how selfish it is. I want my children to hear the full story of the Gospel and be in awe!

God wants the whole world to hear the full story of HIS Gospel and be in awe… not just my family and me!

So… I encourage you to start with your children and then extend it to someone who needs to hear The Good News… and read the next post in this series!


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