Daily Prayer for Global Missions

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I am blessed to have parents who are Christians. Growing up my parents had my brother, sister and I in church every time the doors were open. I can remember when school days were cancelled, my dad would take my sister and I with him to church, since he worked there. We would run around in the gym, sing on the stage in the sanctuary, or play school in the Sunday school classrooms. On the topic of missions, however, I do not have clear memories. I can recall learning how to use chopsticks in a missions-focused Wednesday night youth event, and watching slides of weird pictures in church. But until about 2005, I did not have a good understanding of global missions and/or our responsibility to take The Gospel to the unreached around the world. So, praying for the nations is a fairly new concept for me, but one that I am excited to teach my children about!
Right now, we pray together as a family each night and often include our friends serving overseas in foreign missions. We have each child pray for a different missionary, or some nights we switch it up and have each kid pray for something specific for one. However it works out, we try to pray for the missionaries we know daily. We also try to point out when we have seen God answer prayers. Recently, a friend of ours led a woman to the Lord on the other side of the world. I told Alani about it, pointing out that we have been praying for our friend to learn the language and to have opportunities to share with other people, and now God has answered our prayers! She was very excited.
There is not a right or wrong way to start praying for missions. Praying for global missions is not something you can mess up, it’s just something we all need to do more of!
Here is a list of topics to help get your juices flowing on what to pray for:
– How you and your family can be more intentional about personally spreading The Good News of The Gospel!!!
– That more people would obey in going to the unreached people groups of the world.
– For people groups to receive The Gospel (research and pray for specific groups).
– For people groups to get the Bible translated into their own language
– For Missionaries you know (or maybe don’t) and their families (home and abroad).
– Also, check out this sobering post about how possible it is to take the Gospel to the UNREACHED or UNENGAGED! And start praying!

Most Christians would agree that praying for The Gospel to be spread to the ends of the earth is a good thing. But, will we do it? Will we model to our children how important it is, or will we just tell them that it is a good thing to do? May God give us a burden to extend The Gospel.



*Photos featured in this post were taken at a friends home as well as The Prayer Chapel at SWO through the years.



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