Teach Them Social Sciences

The title of this post may be a bit intimidating for mothers with toddlers, so let me break it down for you right off the bat. It is our responsibility to show our little ones a broad overview of the world! For many of us, we are simply laying the foundation for the Holy Spirit to connect the dots as they get older. Honestly, it really isn’t that hard to do. Read bi-lingual books. Cook ethnic foods once a week. Have a Dora movie night and eat tacos! When choosing puzzles, games and crafts, think about the world! These are a great place to begin and it is easy.

Here are more tips to get you brainstorming:
DSC_0166 1

DSC_0167 1

Geography: If you do not have a globe in your house, you should invest in one! Toddlers, kids, and grown-ups need to know where they are in the world and how big it is BECAUSE GOD MADE THE WORLD!!! Put up maps of the world in your home or check out oversize atlases from the library and let them just browse through it. There are tons of ways to show your kids how big the world is.

Culture: We need to instill in our children a healthy respect for other cultures around the world, pointing out the reality that not all cultures know about Jesus or submit to Jesus. That is why it is so important that we learn about these different cultures… so we can take the gospel to them! Research and learn about a people group. Learn about their preference in art, music, dance, flavors, smells and sounds.


Language: This, at least for me, is the most intimidating. My husband jokes with us and says I am not allowed to read to my kids in Spanish because my pronunciation is so bad. So, yes it is hard to jump right into a bilingual book after many years of little practice, but I try. We also play Spanish music sometimes in the car and during the Davis Nation dance parties. I want our kids to hear different languages so they may be inspired to learn more of them. Think about it, if our children could learn another language (or two!) by the time they are out of high school, we would have equipped them to speak the Gospel to the world!

Some of these things you may already be doing. Keep it up! These things teach our kids about God and about how much God loves everyone he created!

People are different all over the world. I want my kids to know the difference, but focus on what we have in common, the need for a savior!

*This post features photos from a few of my friends homes as well as our study on Honduras a few years ago.


2 thoughts on “Teach Them Social Sciences

  1. Hi Amy!!!!! Loved your post and thought it was GREAT that you are reminding mothers all over how important each of those points are! Wahoooo! I wanted to let you know that Operation Mobilization prints a book yearly called Operation World for adults and lists facts and stats and specific prayer points for EVERY country of the world. Window to the World is the children’s version VERY well done, something we use often. It is a fabulous resource as well — by now, they may have this information accessible online, but I haven’t checked. We have geography Fridays at our house and that oversized world map was one of the BEST things we have invested into 😉 We tend to take a country from the Window to the World book and then find it on the map… we review a lot too, where people are from, what the continents are — as our family spans three continents (me, North America — living, Europe — my husband’s family, Asia)! I loved seeing your post! I miss seeing your smile in REAL LIFE! Sending hugs!

  2. Great job, Amy!! These are things we don’t always naturally think about. I started trying to teach Parker what a city is a couple of weeks back. This gives me a cool idea on a project I can make for him and Samuel. I’ll let you know if I successfully pull it off.

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