Create an Annual Family Mission Project

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Teaching our children the importance of sharing the gospel around the world is a command. So, where do we start? How do we train kids to be missions minded at such a young age? How do you begin teaching your older children about the importance of The Great Commission? First, we (parents) must start/be serving, giving and raising awareness for missions around the world. Then we can invite our children to participate in our serving, giving and so on.

Facilitating an annual family project to raise money, prayer support, awareness or involvement in global missions, is a great way to get everyone in your family motivated and on the same page concerning The Great Commission.
Right now, my children are 20 months, 3 and 4 years old. My oldest is still learning the difference between a dime, a nickel and a quarter. So, choosing a family project for our little ones may look a bit different than families who have kids old enough to do yard work or hold a bake sale. However, we are laying the foundation for The Gospel with every scribbly note mailed and missionary name mentioned in their prayers. It is exciting! We are setting reasonable missions goals, like writing letters and learning about different countries and people groups each month. If you have older kids, learning how to save and manage money is a life skill that kids need to carry with them into adulthood. So, set goals that might combine these life skills with extending the Gospel to unreached people.

This is a good way to set up a “goal” for supporting missions this year:
1. Find a people group, a missionary or translation project that your family can help support this year.
2. As a family, decide how you want to get accomplish this goal. (For more ideas, check out this Family Project Brainstorm on choosing projects.)
3. Get to it!

There are thousands of missionaries, organizations, and even people groups (check out or who could use help from families to further the gospel. Establishing healthy Biblical habits in the home now, may help kids to naturally continue in these habits as they grow into adults. I encourage you and your husband to pray, use your creativity and come up with an attainable family project for missions this year.



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