Make A Plan To Give!

Throughout the year, we give spontaneously to missions. And while it’s really great to give when we hear of a need, I believe we could give so much more if we had a plan for giving money to foreign missions on a yearly basis.

Unfortunately, most families have no plan for giving monetarily to missions each year. Giving spontaneously is great, but it doesn’t teach our kids how to plan, save and give for the Gospel. When there is a plan in place, the whole family can get involved and keep each other excited and motivated about giving.

Here are some things that may help in setting up a plan to give in 2013:
#1. Pray: Ask God to show you and your family ways that you can be more consistent in giving money to foreign missions. Talk with your husband and decide an amount of money you would like to give to missions this year. Talk about your budget and how you could cut back, even sacrificing things to meet your goal.

#2. Start with what you know: You may have a cousin in college who needs money for a spring break mission trip. Do you know a family preparing to go to the mission field that could use some monthly support? If you have been following this series, maybe you have already researched a people group and found a special project that needs funding. Whatever your family decides, make sure it is something you and your family can get excited about. Remember, it is important to give your money to someone or for something for the goal of extending The Gospel to the unreached!

#3. Following Through: A lot of times, I have intentions of giving, but when it comes time to follow through, I drop the ball. It is so easy for me to make big excuses like, “It’s so hard to take all 3 of my kids into the post office just to buy postage for one package being sent overseas!” I know it is simple, but often it is the one step that gets postponed.
John Piper says, “Go, Send, or disobey!”
Right now, your family may not be in a position to go, but you can save and give money. That is awesome! There are many people in different seasons of life who are in a position to go to the hard, unreached places in the world, but who lack funds for training, or to be sent. This should not be! We need to give abundantly! We are privileged to live in a country where we can do whatever we want with our money. Let this privilege serve a purpose. I encourage you to pray about how you can a GIVE to extend The Gospel in 2013!
*This post featured photos taken at a friends home.


One thought on “Make A Plan To Give!

  1. Little kids don’t quite always understand the concept of money. They know that when they put a coin in a candy machine that candy comes out, but in this day of debit cards and online giving, it’s difficult to connect the dots. Perhaps each family can find a way to show their kids how the coins they have collected for their missionary gets to that missionary, and get a free lesson in finance thrown in. I suppose the simplest way for little children would be to take the jar of coins to church and tell them that the church is going to send the money to the missionary. Older kids could learn about making a deposit at the bank and writing a check and mailing it.

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