MavisDavis Spring Update



Last week, over 250 women joined us for a 3-day women’s retreat at Snowbird. It was packed with worship, teaching, breakout sessions, fresh coffee and SWO recreation! I was privileged to play in the band and teach a session on Biblical Discipline In The Home. It was challenging for me to step out from behind a guitar or laptop and simply “speak”. But, I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my heart with all those who attended. I will share my notes in the coming weeks. My talk was also recorded, so soon there will be a podcast of it online. Most of the breakouts will be available on podcast as well (topics included: depression, dealing with grief, submission to your husband, teaching doctrine in the home and a session on singleness taught by my friend Shelli). The main teaching sessions featuring Little Holloway will be included for sure!! I will post a link to the podcasts when they are ready to share. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to to receive the link!

March and April quickly spun out of control for us, here at the Davis Nation! The spring time has been filled with traveling, studying and preparing for my session at the women’s retreat, practicing music, graphic design projects, home cooked meals, laundry and potty training Jed! But, I am getting back on track with my writing and look forward to sharing what God has been growing in my heart this spring. I have also been spring cleaning, organizing and writing on the walls again… I will post pictures soon!


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