Release The Butterflies…

In May, I purchased a butterfly/caterpillar kit online. It was the easiest pet experience I have ever had! We left the caterpillars alone until they chrysalis (spin a cocoon). Then a week later, butterflies emerge! It was a fun experiment with my kids! The butterflies were awesome. Knoxy played with the cage and butterflies for days after their wings were strong enough to handle. Theyplaywithbutterflies


While it was super fun watching the kids chase and pet butterflies in the house, I knew they would not last much longer. So, we took them outside and prepared to release the butterflies back into their “natural habitat”.
One by one Knoxy held the butterflies out on her finger. One by one,they took to the air as if they had always lived in the great outdoors.
last onewantedtostay


Finally, it was time to say goodbye to the last one. With a bit of hesitation, he didn’t seem to know what to do. Knoxy tried flicking it off her finger to get him to fly, but he just landed in the grass. She picked him back up and tried to blow him away then she tried to bounce her hand around to just gently shake him off. Finally, with deep reservation, the little butterfly began to flutter across our yard…

Then, with no warning at all, something swooped out of the air and snagged our last little butterfly for a nice fast snack. “What, Oh no” yelled Knoxy. I was shocked and began laughing in amazement. A dragonfly? Who knew? And for all the trouble it took to get that last one to fly. It was a moment I will never forget!

He flew high up onto a tree to finish his meal and we stood below watched! I was thankful for my zoom lens!
“Dragonflies are mean, mama” she says after we chased it to the tree and watched the dragonfly have lunch with our beautiful butterfly.
“Dragonflies gotta eat too, Knoxy…”


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