Lawn for Lunch & Laundry

Our schedule during the summer is packed with pre-schoolers, meetings, play time, worship services, sound checks, adventures and tons of fun stuff. At the end of a week of SWO Camp, the last thing we want to do is 3 hours of lawn work! We want to spend as much time together as a family as we can before the next week begins. During this small window of family time, lawn work is something easy we could trade off with summer staffers for a nice meal and free laundry. So, my husband and I got a creative and Lawn for Lunch & Laundry was born!




After the SWO Saturday meeting, 2 or 3 SWO dudes mow and weed eat our yard. I wash/dry/fold their clothes and feed them a nice home cooked meal when they are done. Lawn for Lunch & Laundry has become a huge blessing for us this summer! My husband can come home and relax/play with our family and not spend a chunk of his hours away from camp on the yard for the summer! Lawn for Lunch & Laundry has also been a great way serve these guys and build community on the time off from camp! We love it! Being around 70 college-aged adults this summer does have it’s perks!

He called this dessert! It's worth sharing. I have a lot to look forward to in raising a little boy! College dudes eat so much!

He called this dessert! It’s worth sharing.


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