Red: It’s more AWESOME than I thought!

When we first moved into our house a few of my friends suggested I paint something “RED”. I remember thinking it over and concluding that, to many of my friends, painting something red the most “logical-crazy” thing for me to do in my new home. I think they were suggesting to me that I should do whatever I want because it’s my house, so why not? But… I also remember thinking to myself, “why would I use red?”

But then, I found this color! And all their pre-encouragement helped me take the plunge!
This red is a more orange-red than a big-red-apple red. But it is still soft, not formal.
The Pantone Universe Valaspar paint color is Poppy Red (Lowe’s).

And I am having a haaarrrd time staying away from it.
I know it is booming, bright, and a bit bonkers. But, God made it! And right now, it’s my favorite!

I am learning a lot of encouraging Truth from the scriptures that I plan to share really soon! These summer SWO days are long and super rewarding! Continue to pray for my family and I as we finish strong. I am thankful to have multiple opportunities to be involved with the worship services, summer staffers and youth pastor’s wives each week. Hope you enjoyed the photos:)


One thought on “Red: It’s more AWESOME than I thought!

  1. Great advice! I do seriously believe that every house should have something fabulously red in it!

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