Ten Things You Should Know About Me: For Reals

This summer a few SWO summer staff girls, along with a friend who recently moved back to Andrews, pointed out to me that by just reading this blog, readers may get the idea that I am living on a creative mountain with storehouses packed with craft supplies, healthy snacks, re-claimed wood, power tools, joke books, treasure maps and the patience of Job! While some of that is the case, it isn’t all so blog worthy. So, I thought I would take a second and share 10 Things You Should Know About Me: For Reals!

10. My husband made me become a better writer. When I worked full time at Snowbird, I was in charge of anything art/promotions. Most of the projects included writing all the information from web to mailers to newsletters. I enjoyed the graphics, but writing was a challenge. My (now) husband would proof read everything. His years of critique, editing and writing tips pushed me to do better.

9. I am not organized, but I like creating processes or systems of organization. I guess I like the CREATING part more than the keeping things organized part, since I rarely do the same thing twice. It’s a paradox for sure. Following a process isn’t as much fun as making up one. So, after doing something 2 or 3 times the exact same way, I either forget it, or I stop liking the way I organized something, ditch it and create a new way.

8. I was born with a desire to create… something… all the time. I go through phases of inspiration. This spring/summer, I had a construction phase where I built a tree house and porch furniture out of pallets. I am not sure what this fall phase will be, hopefully something homeschool related so I can stay motivated.

7. I can’t smell. It’s not complicated. I just can’t and don’t think I ever could. (Here is a link about it for those of you who need to know more…)

6. I am a graphic artist. I actually have 20 years of experience as a graphic artist, believe it or not. I am so thankful God has given me many opportunities to use this skill for our family. I can work from home, manage my own schedule and take on projects that I enjoy when I have time to do so. Here’s my website.

5. I Like Coffee. Notice that I did not say I LOVE coffee. Because of my “sensory disorder” I do not taste the flavor of most specialty coffee drinks or artisan style flavored coffee. When asked my preference on a choice of coffee, I go with the one that has the cooler name, unless it’s decaf. I always drink my coffee black. When I am at a Starbucks, I prefer an Americano to coffee… Why? Ummm, cause it makes the 45 minute drive to the nearest Starbucks a bit more special.

4. I am a night owl! I do see 2am about 5 times a week.

3. Spoiler Alert: I am not naturally a “KID” person. Growing up I was not around many kids younger than me. I babysat ONE time when I was in high school and the little boy came at me with a butter knife. I called his mama to come home, and never babysat again! In college, I took my niece on a date when she was 3 and we got lost going home. By lost I mean, we were about 45 minutes from her house when I finally called for directions. So, I was really freaked out when I saw the positive pregnancy test the first time. Having my own kids has softened my heart towards little people, but I genuinely lean on Jesus for growth in this area. As God daily grows my delight for my own children, I can see it overflowing into compassion for other children, too.

2. Waterfalls, Rainbows, Fireworks, and Magic (Illusionist, whatever). Seriously, I do get out of control when I see things I can’t explain and do not expect!

1. I really do love Jesus! And that is why I blog. I want to share real life things. It is a struggle becoming a wife, a mama, a homemaker, and so on. I do fight for time to be alone and pray. But, I want my kids to see my fight to live like Jesus and deny myself to serve them, my husband and others. It is a humbling thing to share my discoveries over the internet to faceless readers. I like that people are eager to read what “mavisdavis” is up to. But, I hope people can see The Gospel here, too.


3 thoughts on “Ten Things You Should Know About Me: For Reals

  1. Thanks for being REALS! The world needs a lot more ladies who are genuine, who love God, love truth, and love others. I am always encouraged to hear how you are being stretched for God’s glory. Thanks for blogging. Miss you.

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