We Have An Announcement To Make…

When the secret of having our third child was out in the open, folks started spouting out all kinds of advice to my husband and I on how to handle the transition from having 2 to 3 children. I remember smiling courteously at men who gave sports analogies and awkwardly laughing at women who patted my big belly. But, for my husband and I, the transition from having zero children to 1 child has been the most earthshaking and challenging part of growing a family thus far.

The first time I held my first little girl in my arms it was surreal. A tiny person had been growing and living in my body for months, and now, after a long awaited arrival, she was in my arms. At last, a little round face and squishy body was matched with the secret name we had picked!

I can remember feeling lost, intimidated, and scared. I felt like this new little person knew a secret about me that everyone else was about to find out. It was as if she was going to tell the world that I was a fake, selfish, insecure woman who knew nothing about being a mother. But as we spent more time together as a family, we found our groove. And soon after, God blessed us with another little girl!

God has used my becoming a mother for my sanctification and to conform me into more of his likeness. My heart grows daily for my three children and I am eager to teach them the heart of Jesus and to show them how to serve others by the way I serve them. We genuinely enjoy one another. We spend time together and take time to play and laugh together. We feel very connected and are now ready to fold another child into our family.

For the past year, my husband and I have been praying through God’s leading for us to adopt. We have been praying with our children and waiting patiently for God to give us the green light in moving forward in the process. Well, that time has come and I wanted to give you readers the inside scoop on what we need to bring a new child into our home.


Here’s the scoop:
We are trying to adopt from Jamaica.
$. The entire process predicts to be less than 10k (after plane tickets, visas, etc.)
1. A home study needs to take place. This is the bulk of our expense right now. We estimate the home study process to take upwards of $2500.
2. Approval of our home study and application process
3. Pairing with a child
4. Arrangements to bring our child home from Jamaica
5. A blog post thanking everyone for their support of our family!

I want to be clear from the start, I know some people LOVE details on adoption, and some people just want the hot topics. So, for that reason, we have created a FB page dedicated to those who want more information about the process and for quick updates about the journey. Click here if you wan to join, it is called Davis Nation Adoption.

We are preparing some fundraising artwork/projects/opportunities to help raise money for each step of the process. If you feel led to give or help support us in this adoption, please check out the fb page or contact me directly through email or fb message. I am excited to watch the Lord provide all that is required in uniting us with a new child.

Please pray for us as we set out into the unknown and trust the LORD with each step ahead!


3 thoughts on “We Have An Announcement To Make…

  1. That’s great news. My dad was adopted when he was a baby and if he hadn’t his life would be much different. why did you choose Jamaica?

  2. Actually, it’s not a super spiritual answer. Jamaica seems to be the least expensive adoption process than other countries and agencies we have researched. We feel led to adopt, so we are starting with Jamaica.

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