The Clutter Hog

My friends are always telling me funny things I have said to them in the past. I get nervous when someone starts a story with, “I remember when you said to me…”. A friend of mine started a story with just that opening line, actually. Even though I don’t remember having the conversations, it does sum up my old philosophy on clutter and organization.
A little history lesson: In my early days at Snowbird, I shared an office with about 12 people. Besides an early morning staff meeting, it was rare that all 12 people were in the office at the same time. However, the office did serve as “home base” for many of us. Most of our staff lived on campus at the time. Everyone had an “area” for carrying out their office obligations. Most folks also used this spot to store their daily/weekly gear instead of walking across campus to their cabins. The office was kinda like a giant locker for rain coats, Bibles, shed layers, muddy boots, etc. It could get cluttered quickly.

This is a photo I found of our SWO office before The Coop was built.  This helps to build my case about the clutter:)

This is a photo I found of our SWO office before The Coop was built. This helps to build my case about the clutter:)

One morning, after wading through rain jackets, study books, old snacks, layers shed… and old junk piled up around my desk, I went on a rampage. One guy in particular (the one who tells this story) says he came up to the office and I stopped him in his tracks with a speech about sharing the office and taking responsibility. I finished with a stern, “clean it up and do better!”

He goes on to say that a few days later he and I were working in his space on his computer when he noticed an old coffee mug of mine sitting in a random spot on his desk. Thinking he had the perfect moment to turn the tables on me, he picked up the coffee mug and said, “Now Amy, you just talked to me about this kind of thing.” Without skipping a beat, he said I replied, “Oh, I don’t mind my clutter, it’s everyone else’s clutter that bothers me!”

Finally, a sentence to sum up my entire concept of clutter!


While I do not have each coffee cup in it’s proper place, so to speak, I have become aware of my clutter tendencies. My husband has described me as the messiest roommate he has ever lived with and after 7 years, it is still true.

I hog all the “space” in our home. Yes, yes, it is my home. But, that is just it. I think of my home as “MINE” and not the home of my family. I request the girls to tidy up their toys before bed, but I leave my couch office in a mess of papers, books, cords and… coffee mugs. The realization of my rebel-self and tendencies to hog spots in my home with “my clutter” has helped me to turn a point in my homemaking and joy in serving my family. I am joyfully stepping it up to create a relaxing environment for our family. Plus, being clutter free does give me more options for choosing a coffee cup in the morning.

In the next post, I’ll share a few of my organization tips, encouraging scriptures and a downloads of my weekly calendar which includes cleaning, meals, activities, Bible study and more.

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