31 Days of Artsy Giveaways: The Sneak Peek

Every October a group of bloggers link up on The Nester to write about one topic for 31 Days.  Everyone has different topics but last year over 1200 bloggers participated!  I have only participated in this 31 Days Series once, back in 2011. I called mine 31 Thoughts On Singleness. Many of you are familiar with this series! I spent half of October in India last year, so it was not practical to participate. This year my topic is a bit lighter than dealing with singleness.

For 31 Days this October, I will blog about each piece of art I give away for our Davis Nation Adoption fundraiser and call it: 31 Days of Artsy Giveaways!

There are only 9 days left to join the raffle! 9 days to get entered to win 1 of 31 original artsy projects! Buying a ticket enters you in the raffle. The more you buy the more times your name is entered in the drawing.

So, Go here to sign up!

Enjoy the preview!









The Gospel



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