A Rebel Cleans

When it comes to CLEANING, my rebel self always has something better to do. I want to do my own thing, when I want to do it. When I finally do start on the chores, it only takes the chime of a new phone message, the brainstorm of a new crafty project, or an invite for a spontaneous play date to ditch the task. My day can fill up quick with no thought of cleaning. Honestly, It takes a lot for me to naturally notice what needs to be wiped, dusted, mopped, scrubbed or buffed. Most of the time my eyes fixed on what I want to see, not what needs to be done for my family to feel cozy and relaxed at home.

So, I am trying to change. Doing what I want to do, when I want to do it is selfish and destructive to my family. While I do enjoy the creative stylings of my little ones’ mis-matched clothes, eating meals from styrofoam plates and watching my kids jump on the beds, I must make sure there are clean clothes to pick from, clean pots and pans to make meals and change the sheets on their beds often. These responsibilities are in my job description as a keeper of the home.


So, now what? How do I start taming the laundry beast and attacking the chores in a manageable way without feeling overwhelmed?
1. Get a plan together!
NewYear_02This is a downloadable print of my weekly schedule. Email me and I can send you an excel file that you can customize to your family’s needs.
2. Set standards for yourself. There are some things I must do everyday. I like to wake up in the morning and make breakfast in a clean kitchen. So, every night I try to make sure my kitchen is neat, tidy and ready for action come morning. Keeping my home sterile is not what I am going for when it comes to cleaning. Being freaked out about germs isn’t on my radar, really. One might say I hold to the “hit everything with a spritz of Clorox spray and wipe” philosophy. If it takes more than one type of cleaner or clorox wipe, I’ll usually pass on the chore. But I am working on it.
3. Train your kids to help {it is their home too!} mopping
There are tons of creative, age appropriate ways to include your kids in taking part in chores and home responsibilities. My 2 year old is able to take his paper plate to the trash and put his cup in the sink. Cultivating a desire to help in the home is a reasonable part of my job as a mother AND homemaker.
4. Do just a bit everyday! I set up my weekly schedule to focus on ONE room a day. So, if it’s Monday, I focus on the girls room. I clean, vacuum, dust, change sheets do the girls laundry. I also have a Ten Minute Tidy at 4:30pm. That’s right, for 10 minutes my kids and I run around the house and tidy up as fast as we can. Toys in the toy areas, pillows back on the couch, school stuff put away and so on… My husband feels more relaxed when he gets home if the main living area is nice and neat.
5. Talk to your friends. Some of my friends are under the impression that cleaning is a hobby. So, I text, email, call, fb message them when I have questions about how to clean what. There are also awesome pinterest boards you can follow… or start your own to keep all your new cleaning and organization discoveries in one spot.

I do enjoy creating new systems of organization… sticking to them is another story. But, I am leaning into Jesus as he changes me in this area. My rebel-self is starting to notice too. With every swipe of the paper towel, shake of the rug and replacing of the toilet paper roll her grip weakens and I grow stronger as homemaker.

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