Day 4: We HOPE

An Abstract Background Texture Of Grungy Blackboard While on vacation I read a book called Adopted for Life by Russel D. Moore. In his book, Moore shares the story of adopting two boys from Russia and draws parallels between earthly adoption and heavenly adoption for those who believe in Christ. This is an excerpt from page 142.
Moore writes:

Our adoption in Christ involves patient waiting, hopeful anticipation (Rom. 8:24-25). In the earthly scenario of adoption, as in the heavenly experience of our own adoption, we “hope for what we do not see” because we “wait for it with patience” (Rom.8:25).

I was inspired by that thought and drew up this little sketch.
WE Hope Square - Original scan

When we decided that selling my artwork might be a good way to raise money for our adoption, I created a series of 3 drawings based on the verse in Romans… We hope for what we do not see. I will give away the other two as the month rolls on. For now, this is an 8″X8″ canvas print of “WE HOPE”. And the winner is…
WE Hope Square - 1
WE Hope Square - Close

Sarah Strickland!!
Congrats Sarah! Thanks for supporting our family in this adoption! Come visit SWO soon!

*This canvas is available as 5X7 prints and 5X7 framed prints here on my online store.


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