Day 10: Lead Me

An Abstract Background Texture Of Grungy Blackboard
Day 10: Lead Me
This summer I was asked to draw up this verse as a gift for a friend. I chose to include it in my 31 Days of Giveaways because I thought it was encouraging to share. I drew it on this 8X8 wood canvas for the giveaway. This is one of my favorite pieces of the month. And the winner is…
Lead Me - 1

Lead Me - close.

Melinda Woods! Congrats friend! I’ll make sure you get this canvas asap as possible:)

*Adoption Update: We are currently in our home study phase. All paper work (at this point) has been turned in and we are waiting for a call from our home study agency to schedule a visit. Please pray for our family this month! On top of this awesome progress in our adoption process, camp life is alive with groups, travel and OLD School river section!

And, don’t forget to check out my new store for more prints!


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