Day 22: The Gospel

An Abstract Background Texture Of Grungy Blackboard
Day 22: The Gospel
For I am not ashamed of THE GOSPEL for it is the power of God for salvation TO ALL who believe…

These are BIG words to paint on a canvas.
Strong words.
Words that are costly and come with big responsibility.
All around the world our brothers and sisters in The Lord are not just skimming these verses in the Bible, they are drawing upon God’s word for strength as they are being kicked out of their homes, rejected by their families, persecuted by their communities and even killed for being followers of Christ.
Today, let’s pray for those around the world who are suffering for Christ through persecution, right now. Pray that they are strengthened by his Spirit to be bold for The Gospel today.
The Gospel - 2

The Gospel -close

Today’s winner is… Mandy Royston! So happy to have a friend like you! Thanks for supporting our family and this adoption.

*Go here to order a print of this painting.


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